In act 2 scene 2 Macbeth talks about a dagger being clean and dirty describing to him killing the king. And Lady Macbeth wants to kill the king she can not because the k

Macbeth describes the dagger to first be a shiny clean dagger. I can prove my point because he says. And such an instrument I was to use. This means that he can imagine the dagger  clean and not  bloody.Also the dagger is described as bloody. I can prove my point because he says. And on […]

T1) Lady Macbeth feels worried and scared about the husband because she says things like”the raven himself is hoarse that croaks the fatal entrance of Duncan under my battlements. She also says wherever in your sightless substances you wait on nature’s mischief. And the last thing she says is come thick night and pal thee […]

(The three witches meet in a cave) First Witch:When shall we meet again In stormy weather? Second witch:When the battle is over When the fights lost or won Third witch:When the battle finishes by sundown First witch:Where is it? Second witch:Upon land Third witch:There we will meet with Macbeth First witch:I am coming grey cat […]

The first mention of Macbeth is what bloody man is that? The adjectives that describe Macbeth and Banquo is bloody man ,Pilight,brave,damanding,banished Stella and eagles

Dear Ender, I know you are worried about you turning into Peter. But you will never become like Peter. Do not like the computer take control over you It is just a computer. Ender I know you must be worried but you and Peter are two different people. I can not imagine you becoming Peter […]

France Marcay Dear Cordelia, I am writing to my beloved Cordelia to inform you of my deepest regret when I banished you from your kingdom.  I allowed my anger to cloud my judgement thereby causing me to make the wrong decision.  I have come to the realization that you and you alone deserve the highest […]

Who was William Shakespeare William Shakespeare was a actor,poet and a writer.William Shakespeare was born on the 26th of April 1564 and died on the 23rd of April 1616.’He is often called the national poet and the bard of Avon’ because of all the things that he has done’.He done about 38 plays and 154 […]

In the opening of the extract one.King Lear wants to give land to his three daughters Goneril,Cordelia and Regan.In the start of the book King Liar is getting old and he is giving his land to his three daughters.’King Lear asks his daughters we will divide the land which shall have the biggest land the […]

October 14 2014.Me and my brother were getting ready for a day of fun.Me and my brother got ready and while we were waiting for my cousins we watched dragon ball z reseruction F.It was a anime movie and was all about Frieza coming back to life and Goku and Vegeta having to send him […]